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Automatic fabric cutting machine
Automatic fabric cutting machine There are many solutions to process clothes, such as knife cutting machine, laser cutting machine, multi-layers cutting machine,etc.Among it, the knife cutting method is ideal to keep balance among pollution free, no smelly work environment, boosting production capacity, saving labor cost and cost effective. With steady smooth edge cutting performance, high flexible, high material utility and reasonable price, knife cutting solution free tailors from prototyping and short run production.Our cutting machine is equipped with varied working tools to achieve different functions, such as cutting, drawing, punching, plotting, routing, etc. Learn more
Automatic fabric cutting machine
Knit & Woven Fabric Inspection and Rolling Machine
Knit & Woven Fabric Inspection and Rolling Machine This model machine be suit for the textile which be made of cotton,hemp,silk and chemical fiber and other material fiber and other material verify,auto-count length and the number or rollers. Learn more
What Happened Recently ?
Cutter type automatic cutting machine
Jun.04.21 The automatic cutting bed can save labor, improve efficiency, and the cutting knife is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
Automatic spreading machine capable of remote control
Jun.04.21 In order to solve the problem of customer's machine debugging, new technology has been invested to remotely debug customer's machine.